Training and Leading Volunteer Teams

Leading Volunteer Teams

Leading Volunteer Teams addresses the interpersonal challenges and complex processes associated with teamwork. Whether teams are functional, cross-functional, conventionally supervised or self-managed, this program delivers performance breakthroughs that keep team members on track. Modules featured in this program develop competencies such as proficient in a variety of interpersonal, process improvement and project management skills.

Equipping team members with these skills ensures impressive gains in overall team efficiency and effectiveness. Your organization also will benefit from dramatic improvements in productivity, loyalty, and performance.

Tools for Cell Group Excellence

How would you like to take professional training methods, based on years of research and apply these to your cell groups at church? That is exactly what you will be able to do through the module on Tools for Cell Group Excellence, because it is a perfect adaptation of all the tools a professional trainer uses, but applied to a church situation. This module has been used effectively to train budding and seasoned cell group leaders to grow into all that God has called them to be in their leadership.

Covering the characteristics and behaviours of adult learners, understanding how different adults learn differently and how playing different roles as a trainer can enhance the learning experience by creating a comfortable learning environment and following the learning process to go from assessing ones’ present state to reaching ones’ preferred state as a cell group leader, this module is a winner.

Train the Trainer for Volunteer Leaders

Highly interactive, this extensive trainer development workshop concentrates on skills vital to being an excellent trainer. You will learn a variety of techniques to enhance your presentation skills and leadership capabilities. There are multiple opportunities for practice and feedback, allowing you to quickly understand the value of the skills. Through this program, you will gain new found confidence and enthusiasm for leadership training.

Cross Cultural Competence: Preparing Missionaries for Leading Across Cultures

This program offers constructive advice on dealing with culture shock and turning it to your advantage. Opposing values can be understood as complementary and reconcilable. It is not enough to just be aware of cultural differences. The most important step is one toward reconciling cultural differences. One must work to create a framework where cultural negotiation can take place positively and productively.

Understanding the core of onion is the key to successfully working with other cultures: basic assumption, the series of rules and methods that a society has developed to deal with the regular problems that it faces.