Leadership Development

Foundational Leadership Skills for New Leaders

There are leaders and there are leaders! When people lead people, they are required to have more people skills than technical skills. Many seasoned leaders learn from the school of trial and error and most say that if they had their lives over, they would do things differently. Why not begin your leadership career doing things the way they should be done, instead of looking back in retrospect and wishing you had done things differently or done different things?

Our modules on Coaching Others for Top Performance and Managing the Performance of Others, gives leaders a foundation on which to build all leadership, with a sure shot way of success in coaching and managing others.

Each 4 hour module is packed with practical skills based on AchieveGlobal research that has grown leaders for the past 40 years.

EQUIP Million Leaders Mandate Training

When we study the Bible closely, we see that leadership is, indeed, God’s idea. God is not only the Ultimate Leader but He has called us to lead as well.

Based on biblical leadership principles, this christian leadership training program will empower Christians with the necessary leadership skills to effectively mentor others in their communities, workplaces and churches, who in turn will train other leaders.

Growing Young Leaders

Each of us influences those around us. How do you influence others? Do you make a difference in the world you live in? How do you add value?

Growing Young Leaders furnishes images that teach you leadership truths. They will enable you to wisely influence your world. Images stick. Images illustrate. They carry layers of reality. A picture is worth a thousand words. This program will enlighten, educate, encourage, challenge and call out leaders.

Coaching and Mentoring Leaders

Coaching and Mentoring is the byword of the day, when professionals are trying to do the work of three people within the same time available and find work and life balance while reaching their goals.

Our coaching and mentoring modules from Growing Leaders, gives mentors and coaches a structured process to build and maintain a fruitful coaching and mentoring relationship with those whom they want to help succeed them or just plain succeed. With this structured process and clear methodology the module helps coaches and mentors launch out on this much needed skill with confidence and tools to help them succeed in this vital area of expertise.

The 5 Levels of Leadership for Volunteer Leaders

In The 5 Levels of Leadership, you will learn how to master the ability to inspire people and achieve results. Many people confuse having a leadership position with actually being a leader. This program makes it clear that this is only the entry point to leadership. It is level 1.

Each level is explained in its own section, where you’ll learn the upside of the level, the downside, the best behaviors for that level, the beliefs that help a leader move up to the next level, and how the level relates to the Laws of Leadership. Perhaps most importantly, how to get from whatever level you are now to the next one.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Christian Leadership: Tested by Time

Solidly founded on Scriptural principles, these 21 “laws” will enable you to grow more quickly as a leader and raise your volunteers’ level of leadership. This program is helpful in identifying and aiding people in the understanding of leadership qualities or characteristics. It provides some valuable practical insights into the process of leadership and principles of successful leaders.

Leadership Gold for Volunteer Leaders

Good christian leadership always makes a difference. It can positively impact the lives of thousands. Leadership Gold is aimed at getting the best results from people by creating meaningful and powerful relationships through a more developed leader.

The subtle message of “working with others” goes further than just conformity within a team, but the importance of earning the trust and respect of people through actions.   This program equips you with christian leadership techniques such as listening skills and proactive planning that builds a better leader, as well as, develops better relationships. Lead others farther beyond our own accomplishments, and their success will leave a positive legacy of our contribution for generations.

Effective Public Speaking and Preaching Skills

Effective Public Speaking and Preaching Skills helps christian leaders and preachers advance, improve, and implement strong high-powered presentations to various scale of audience. Led by our experienced trainer, this program provides them with numerous rigorous practice, followed by individual video analysis, feedback and coaching. They will acquire vital skills on effective gesture, posture and voice. Other essentials skills covered are leading discussions, handling challenging people and optimizing visuals. Going through this program, they will gain confidence and priceless experience in engaging audience successfully.

Leading Gen iY: The 14 – 30 Window

Leading Gen iY demonstrates how you can relate to the young person today and what you can do to ensure that every member of Generation iY enters adult life with the best chance possible to be a successful leader they can be. Research-based and solution biased, this program imparts these practical strategies:

  • Guide unprepared adolescents to productive adulthood
  • Correct crippling parenting styles
  • Coach them toward real success instead of superficial “self-esteem”
  • Equip Generation iY to lead us into the future

Employing DISC for Leading Different Personalities

Most of us like to be around people like us, work with people like us and buy or sell from people like us. So how do we succeed when we are in situation where we are obliged to be around people who are not like us, work with people who are not like us or have to buy or sell to people who are not like us?

Learning the DISC language helps us appreciate that people are different, they don’t change drastically and their value is in their differences. This knowledge can greatly enhance our communication skills as leaders, helping us to communicate with people who are different from us in ways that will keep them open and receptive to our leadership, selling and communication.

DISC helps us understand the basic temperament of different people, and how to use this understanding to leverage co-operation and collaboration to succeed as professionals in a highly competitive world.